Jolling in Jo’burg


If you couldn’t tell by now, I have a thing for alliteration. And if you’re a Facebook friend who’s followed the links from my page, you’ll see I just lifted these titles from my existing albums. And if you’re not, well then, I hope I have charmed you with my witty titles! And (and yes, I know starting sentences with “and” is not proper grammar) FYI, going for a “jol” in South Africa means you are going out for a good time.

Johannesburg, South Africa, was my second ever layover in October 2010. At the time I was dating a guy from Joburg who later went back home, and so I have spent a lot of time there.  I averaged about 3 trips to Joburg a month and also spent a 10 day vacation there as well. I was lucky to have a personal tour guide during my time there, and although things ended in July of 2011, I still have fond memories of good ol’ Joburg.

These apparently you do not want to use as a tourist in the city.

During my 10 day vacation in January 2011, I got to experience Johannesburg more like the locals do. I visited a braai (i.e. barbecue for you non-South Africans) where the game of choice was cricket and in addition to the variety of meats on the grill, homemade pizza was baking in the oven. We checked out local comics at a Cool Runnings, where I was picked on (or more like praised) for being a flight attendant. I barhopped in Greenside on a Saturday night with all the kiddies, and danced in the hottest nightclub in the city (which, to be honest, is much like a mediocre one in Dubai or even back home in Phoenix.. and I honestly can’t remember the name. Fellow crew reading or Joburg locals, it’s located in the shopping center next to the old hotel, Indaba). I even came home with battle scars to prove it – I’d been standing around, minding my own business when a busboy with a bag of trash walks by, and a piece of glass jumps out and attacked my leg!

And yes, there is still a nasty scar left today. 😦

Unfortunately, because we’d all been drinking, a trip to the hospital would have proved useless, since drunkards are usually waved off to the side. Instead, I got patched up by our friend who’s father is a doctor.. who unfortunately was out of town for the weekend.

I finally made it out to the Lion Park on one of my layovers. We were lucky to be visiting on a Sunday, as it was feeding day.

After witnessing lion lunch time, we took our own scenic drive around the park and inside as well, with some play to play with the cubbies.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper trip to South Africa without a taste of the local steak. I’ve actually never been a fan of steak, and that could possibly be for the reason that the steak I’ve had was never really that good. I fell in love with steak in Johannesburg at the good ol’ Meat Company, and in fact, Joburg is just about the only place I will eat steak these days.

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