Checking Out China: Shanghai


I visited Shanghai in October 2010. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any other trips to Shanghai (or China for that matter) since. China is everything you think it is when you see it on TV – the streets are overcrowded and littered, but it’s also covered in beautiful pagodas and architecture. We paid a visit to one of the popular tourist gardens and spent the rest of the day shopping. Shanghai is known among the crew as a top shopping destination, mostly for imitations, but other than that you can find other products on the cheap (just don’t always count on the quality). Some crew like to decorate their homes with goodies from Shanghai layovers.

Getting around wasn’t too difficult – although many people in Shanghai don’t speak English. And it seems the more crowded a city is, the worse the drivers are. I could have bet that that would have been my last trip in a car, ever.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the garden we visited. (edit: Thanks to my friend Kenken, it is the Yuyuan Garden). It was peaceful and beautiful, with lots of koi (I love koi!) and typical Chinese statues and buildings.

Boba break!

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