Around Amsterdam


I first paid a visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands, in October 2010, and again in late November of that year. I was lucky to have gotten another trip on Queen’s Day (a national holiday that celebrates the Queen’s birthday in the end of April) in 2011 but was so exhausted that I ended up sleeping the whole layover. (NSFW content)

Always gotta try the local brew.

Amsterdam has been one of my favorite layovers. Many of the crew still enjoy going out into the city and sightsee, even if they’ve been several times before. It was still a fairly new destination when I took my first trip, and many of the crew I was with hadn’t even been before, so I venture out with more than half the crew from the flight. And of course we known what Amsterdam is known for – sex and weed. No, I did NOT smoke anything illegal and no I didn’t buy any hookers, but I did have a look around a lovely city and its sinful indulgences..

Amsterdam is lovely during the day, but at night is when things get interesting. We paid a visit to a very popular Sex Museum and of course the all-famous Red Light District. Something that you only see in the movies becomes incredibly realistic right before your eyes.
It’s against the law to photograph the girls in the windows, but yes they do exist – girls of all shapes, sizes, colors, and even (ahem) genders) dance around behind glass and customers simply open to door and negotiate a price. The curtains are closed and a, um, transaction is made. In addition, the Red Light District has many sex shops and live shows. Surprisingly enough, during the day it becomes a bustling fashion district.

Such beauty amongst a seedy underground world.


My second layover into Amsterdam occurred near Christmastime, and the city was decked out in twinkling lights.
It’s been a while since I’ve paid a visit to Amsterdam, and I’m hoping my next visit to take a bike ride or a canal ride and see the city from another point of view.

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