The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Awww, Chris, the owner of the blog, Introspections During Quiet Time has graciously awarded me with The Very Inspiring Award!

I’m touched, and feeling a bit guilty that it’s taken me far too long to even update my blog! To be fair, I’ve been on vacation back home in Phoenix and spent a lot of time with my brother’s family in California, so blogging has just been on the backburner. I’m definitely trying to motivate myself to write consistently, and if anyone has an tips, they would be greatly appreciated!

As per rules to accepting the award….

1.Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.

2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.

5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Here’s my contributions.

State seven things about yourself:

1. I used to be Miss Asia Arizona 2007, and it was an incredibly fun and life-changing year for me! Here’s a look at a year in the life of a pageant queen…

photo by Amy Smith.. my crown almost fell off during my walk :/

2. While I was visiting home, I purchased a Hello Kitty sewing machine, some supplies and patterns and packed it all up and brought it back to Dubai with me. I am hoping to get back into sewing regularly. My mom was a seamstress extraordinaire and could conquer any project and obstacle I presented her with. I hope I can somehow get to her same level of expertise.

3. I originally wanted to become a vocal music teacher, and teach in high school. My majors changed to theater performance, communications, and the last thing I studied was broadcast journalism.

4. I launched my first website when I was 13 years old called “The Jinx Pages”, and did everything myself – from graphics to HTML. It hosted a lot of my drawings, fanfiction, and general nerdiness. It was mostly anime/video game fueled.

A graphic I drew for the last rendition of The Jinx Pages, which obviously never got finished.

5.  While doing video coverage for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2009 for LagTV and my old employer, Girls Entertainment Network (GEN), we scored passes into the Adult Entertainment Expo, also happening alongside in Las Vegas, and covered that as well. Check out the video here!

She was cute.

6. When I was really young, me and my friends used to collect earthworms from our yards into a giant cup. One day it was um, “accidentally” knocked over on the sidewalk and the earthworm pile was ran over by a bicycle… :/ Hmmm, ok, not the greatest thing to admit, but hey, my childhood was fun and spent a lot of time outdoors! Not like kids of today who spend so much time on video games and the internet.

7. I am the lucky tita (aunt in Tagalog) to 3 adorably smart and funny kids! My brother’s kids Sebastian, age 7, Marilyn age 10 (whose  name is a mix of my and my sister-in-law’s mothers, Marie and Lyn), and my sister’s baby girl Camille. The photo below is by Erika Adelman, see her great photos at the link below.

L-R, Sebastian, Camille and Marilyn

Here are my 15 blog nominations in no particular order.. unfortunately I don’t have 15 to share, but here are my picks anyway.

1. Photography by Erika

2. Yannah The Wanderer

3. fotojournalismus

4. neaato – network of entertaining asian american talent

5. corners of the world

6. since she left

7. gelaikuting

Hmm… this probably means I should spend more time on awesome blogs than on random internet searches… 🙂

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  1. I’ve wondered for a while now why Filipino food hasn’t quite seen the limelight. I can take a guess, but is it because Filipinos think their own cuisine is too much of an acquired taste, or are ingredients more difficult to find anywhere else, or is it the generalized unhealthiness of it? Glad to be educated a bit, if you have a bit more logic to throw into the mix!

    • I’d say that traditional Filipino food isn’t always so healthy, and it’s also kind of standard. Like the chicken/pork adobo, most famous dish, tends to be cooked with too much oil, and is pretty simple anyway. Although I personally never ate a lot of pork in the Filipino food my mom cooked (she preferred white meat) I think that might be something that downplays its popularity, as well as some strange dishes, such as the dinuguan (pork in blood, but it’s good actually, even though it might clog your arteries.)

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