Parading in Paris


I’d always wanted to visit Paris – yet another place I thought I’d never get to see (actually, I never really thought I would get to see the world, even though it’s the only consistent thing I wanted since I was young), and after almost 2 years flying, I finally got my chance last month. I’m taking a shortcut and posting a recent trip instead of backtracking because I’ve now been to Paris twice in the last 2 weeks, and already I have a ridiculous amount of photos.

Silly French.. the British never owned Hawaii.. they only wish they did!

I studied French for about 3 college semesters at the time I was dating a French guy, but I was too embarrassed to practice my French with my horrible American accent ruining it. I eventually ducked out of my French 201 class and never continued learning it, which I wholly regret. But being back in the land of love has got me itching to start again.. we’ll see if I actually follow through…

Starting with my journey, we woke up to a gloriously beautiful day in May, which was incredibly lucky since it’s supposedly the rainy season. My and several of our crew hopped on the train into town for a day of sightseeing. Our first stop: the world famous Eiffel Tower. How could you not pay a visit on your very first time in Paris?

The typical “picture under the tower” shot

As we exited the station, I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of excitement that would overwhelm me upon getting my first sight of the tower. I mean.. it’s just some really tall iron radio tower, right? But no, it is THE Eiffel Tower after all… and my under-anticipation was properly slapped in the face by awe and amazement. Again, Paris was a city I always wanted to visit and never thought I would, and I think seeing the Eiffel Tower in the flesh (or metal, rather) was quite the experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t wait to take the elevator up to the top – the queue was a minimum of 3 hours long, and for just a 24 hour layover, it’s not possible if you want to get in as much as you can in that short amount of time. Instead, we spent far too long taking photos with the tower.

When we finally managed to peel ourselves away from one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, we continued our walk through the warm and sunny weather.

Luxor Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde

Did I mention the beautiful weather?

Oh, and street dogs with French mustard.. yum!

We passed through onto the Musee du Louvre, but unfortunately did not have time to stop in. I did, however, make it through on my second trip, which you can see further below.

We continued on, heading toward the Notre Dame. On our way, we stopped at various street shops and kiosks to purchase goodies and souvenirs. We also came across a very peculiar bridge, that one being the Pont de l’Archeveche (Archbishop’s Bridge), in which the rails were covered in a mass of padlocks. Apparently these are Love Padlocks – a padlock is affixed to a bridge by two lovers signifying their forever love. You can find more about this practice here: Love Padlocks on Wikipedia. Quite the charming idea, although the cynic in my started to take over after reading a few too many padlocks and it sickened me! But it did make for some awesome photos.


The end of our day tour finished with the lovely Notre Dame…


My second trip was not more than 2 weeks later. We arrived just a day after a hard rainfall, and was blessed with another beautiful, sunny day. I set out with only one crewmember this time, whose first visit to Paris required a stop at the Eiffel Tower one again. It’s something about that tower that just keeps you locked in; we wasted yet again lots of time taking photos!


On the way to Musee du Louvre, I met a “real French poodle.. from America”. Hmmmm.

And as if my mom follows me wherever I go all over the world, I stumbled across a very familiar scent – a flower with the same smell of a candle she used to constantly burn. I can never remember the name of it, but it grows from a tree. Can anyone help me name it?

After walking for about 10 minutes, we opted to take a bicycle cab to save some time. I took a few quick snaps on the way.

We made it to the Louvre, with again, not much time to spare, so we hit up the big celebrities first, and then made it round to whatever else we could see.

They say that you immediately sense her either smiling or frowning, depending on how you are feeling in your life. Surprisingly, I thought she was smiling… on a side note, how funny that the example in WordPress for captions is “The Mona Lisa” 🙂

Nike, “Winged Victory”, the Greek Goddess of Victory

Venus de Milo, Roman goddess of love

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