The Quick Update Photo Dump


Sooo I’m trying this whole being productive with my blog thing. You know, like, updating it regularly and stuff. But since so much has happened since my last post (before the Turkish holiday one) I feel like I need to update everyone with the currents of my life before I can properly continue (I know, I have issues). So in quick succession, here are some of the major events that have happened outside of work life.

The main update of this post consists of Alan’s first trip to my hometown in Phoenix, AZ. This Brit has traveled to the US before – San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago – but I took him to new destinations (old ones for me) in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix. It was the big “meet my fam” moment as well as my loads of friends, and also “get to liking Phoenix because London is too cold to settle in.” Off we go!

Los Angeles



Midway Mania.. FYI.. my score is on the left!

Midway Mania.. FYI.. my score is on the left!



Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach




 When I was planning the trip, I hadn’t actually considered visiting the typical tourist spots like Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Hollywood, because I’d been so many times before and I knew these places were pretty crappy. But Alan freaked out when he found out I hadn’t made plans to visit, and reminded me that he’d never been before. But now that he’s seen it and how completely overhyped these places were (with the exception of Venice Beach) he’s told me he never needs to see them again. (But he does get unnecessarily excited when he sees these places in GTA V… “Ooh we went there!!! And there!!!”)

And the last picture from our Los Angeles trip is reserved for the ever special Yoshi, our host dog and owner of our friend Raychul:


Robert’s Signature Dinner Party



Go-Karting and Games


Phoenix Comicon (yes I dragged him into geek central!)

YES, that f&ck$#@ happened!!1 Carl, Andrea and Merle from The Walking Dead

YES, that f&ck$#@ happened!!1 Carl, Andrea and Merle from The Walking Dead


One of my favorite-est photos to date.

One of my favorite-est photos to date.


Random Nights Out

Alan drinking beer with a straw... um, what?

Alan drinking beer with a straw… um, what?


Hooters.. because you have to.

Hooters.. because you have to.

Salt River Tubing

I think this sealed the deal for Alan to want to move to Phoenix. Because.. hello, it’s tubing down the Salt River!! Beers included.


Grand Canyon (and roadtrips to/from Las Vegas)

Haven't been here since I was 5 years old!

Haven’t been here since I was 5 years old!


Gotta stop at a gas station (in the middle of nowhere) for an ice cream

Gotta stop at a gas station (in the middle of nowhere) for an ice cream

Las Vegas



While catching the show at Caesar’s Palace, Absinthe, I got pulled on stage for being Asian, and had to judge a lap dance contest given by a “dorky white dude” and “stereotypical black guy”:

I pitied the white guy, he almost fell while dancing, so he won.

I pitied the white guy, he almost fell while dancing, so he won.

I know there’s not much that can top that epic journey photo dump, so I won’t try. But here are just a few more photos from some recent random events:

Our Engagement Brunch Party

FYI, a brunch in Dubai is NOT your mom’s brunch! Brunch has nothing to do with mimosas and eggs. Brunch takes place on Fridays here in Dubai (which is the rest of the world’s Saturday) and usually happens midday, starting around noon or 1, and goes on for a few hours. For one price you can eat and drink all you want to your heart’s content, and usually take the party on afterwards. Ridiculous, I know.

Annual Flight Attendant Ball

My sister-in-law sent us our first engagement gift, so since we were all dressed up, we posed for a picture before the ball:

Here’s my sand Boeing 777….

Dubai World Cup 2013

Okay, I know this was way back in March, but I’m posting it anyway!!

Aaaaannndd /photodump. Thanks for playing!

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