How do you travel?

The day I arrived in Dubai!

The day I arrived in Dubai!


I have to admit, I’m not all that adventurous. I’m sure some people would argue, considering that I moved halfway around the world to a place I’d never been to before and travel for a living. But in general, I’m quite paranoid and cautious. I think it comes from growing up in a neighborhood in a slightly less than stellar area and my dad telling me he wanted me to carry pepperspray.

Anyhow, I’m usually pretty happy to hit up the usual tourist spots on my layovers when it comes to exploring the city with other newbies, and usually only venture into obscure territory if there’s an experienced crew member or a local who’s nice enough to take the crew out rather than go home (or maybe home is too far from where we stay). Sometimes, if I have a friend on the flight, I’m more willing to expand those horizons, as well. That being said, I tend to shy away from sightseeing alone if I can’t find anyone to come out with me. I know, sad, right?

But aside from layovers, I see traveling as something you share with those you love. I fully admire those that can travel alone – especially women (I have that irrational “I’m a tiny vulnerable Asian woman” fear). And extra especially those that travel alone long term and can easily make friends wherever they go.

The standard "On the plane!" grainy phone selfie

The standard “On the plane!” grainy phone selfie

For me, I like to travel with a friend or family member, but not too many. Big groups are usually difficult to manage. I prefer to stick to one or two (mostly just one). When I worked for the airline in the US, I flew by myself pretty much all the time but I always went to stay with a friend or meet someone at the destination. When it comes to the actual traveling part, I do prefer to travel alone mostly because I travel on standby and it’s already stressful enough worrying about getting on yourself, and then there’s the added trouble of a second person, especially when they aren’t familiar with the procedures.

But the experience of the trip is what I want to share with someone I care about, and I’m looking forward to doing more traveling with Alan soon. I feel like it can be the best thing for a relationship to grow and learn together.. I think it’s a Sagittarius thing. We’ve done three trips together so far, once to my hometown in the US (plus LA and Vegas), once to him hometown in Guildford, UK, and most recently to his parent’s boat in the Mediterranean and Turkey. We have plans next year to some exciting places like Greece, Boracay (Philippines), and Maldives, and I can’t wait!

So tell me, how do YOU like to travel?

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  1. Other: Since we’re colleagues, let me explain my point of view: Doing this job offers an amazing opportunity to see places you would never see and places you would anyway, but not 20 times and from so many different perspectives (be it the season, some events, some hidden gems, other places nearby etc). Both kinds of places can be both eye openers and treasures of beauty if you’re prepared to see it.

    I know that experiencing these places with a nice companion is ideal, but experiencing those places by yourself is the closest to ideal life has offered you, so grab every single chance is what I say! No matter how tired you feel, you can always spare a couple of hours to see something new or walk around Paris for the 20th time! It will be pretty every time and so very rewarding!

    Starting to take this blessing for granted is where it begins to fade, as far as I’m concerned!

    • I know what you mean! I do cherish the times I get to see these places on a layover, I just find it funny that you end up sharing some precious moments with people you’ve just met – your fellow crew!

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