Joining the Dirty Thirties Club!


Yes, it’s true, I’m one of THOSE people now.. the “30 and Over crowd”!

But what better place to spend my big 30th birthday than in one of the most spectacular cities in the world?!

I originally had no major plans, due to my roster, but at the last minute I decided to swap my Copenhagen for a sweet and short Seychelles to give me the night off. The day started out with my oh-so super cool gift from my awesome fiance, Alan:

Yes, the note says "What better way to celebrate your 30th than to throw you out of a plane"

Yes, the note says “What better way to celebrate your 30th than to throw you out of a plane”

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my job (rosters and such) he couldn’t schedule it for December, but I am hoping to get it done in January! I have always wanted to do the Skydive Dubai, which takes you over the famous Palm Jumeirah and films and photographs every step of the adventure. In fact, we spoke about doing it together, which I really look forward to.

After breakfast, I got a free haircut from Toni & Guy (well, no, not for my bday, but for hookups!), had a nice lunch with Alan between his appointments and then went off to shop for some Christmas gifts and of course, birthday gifts for myself!

Selfies galore.. it’s my birfday. The famous haircut

One of my all time favorite cuisines is Thai food, as you might have read in my You Are What You Eat entry, so I requested dinner at one of my favorite spots in the luxurious Madinat Jumeirah and Al Qasr hotel. I love this little spot – you actually take an abra (small boats used much like water taxis) through the man made canals of the hotel to the restaurant. The short ride itself it really beautiful, as the hotel has suites scattered over the property and decorated with glittering lights. Dinner was delicious as it could be, and I was granted with a free birthday cake! But is it bad that I don’t even like cake? I would have much preferred mango sticky rice!

On the abra with the Burj Al Arab hotel in the background

We took the abra further down to get some cocktails at the local Trader Vic’s and then BarZar to finish the night off with yummy mint shisha.

Back when we had visited the US and spent time with family, Alan deviously contacted my family members to gather some trinkets I could open on my birthday –

Can you tell I like The Walking Dead?

Can you tell I like The Walking Dead?

In the bundle was loads of Walking Dead goodies (yes, I’m 30, but I’m forever a geek), a book of my favorite Internet cat sensation Grumpy Cat, and a painting made lovingly by my 3 year old niece. And you can see the beautiful flowers (complete with yellow roses, my mother’s favorite flower, and purple, my favorite color) from Mr. Great Fiance. Thanks, guys!

And to top it off, I put up a Christmas tree, some decorations, and bought mandarin and cinnamon scented candles and oil from Marks and Spencers. Yum!


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