Great Gifts for the Traveler You Love Part 1: Stocking Stuffers


I have a knack for packing – in fact, I get paid to do it. Having to hop from one place in the world to another with maybe only a day or two in between to spare has taught me how to pack quickly and efficiently. I keep staples in my case, and change out what’s dirty and not weather appropriate (helLO southern hemisphere! Don’t you know it’s supposed to be cold during Christmas?!) It’s easy to pack for a 24 hour trip, but even when I go on vacation, I try and keep things as simple as possible (although I might have overpacked once or twice..)

So, you have an avid traveler in your life, but their life is already enriched with the beauty of the world! So what on Earth do you get them for the holidays? Time to highlight one of my favorite sites designed specifically for the wanderlust in you: Flight001. They have physical stores all over the US, Asia and Australia, and boast cool and awesome products for travel. Not only are some of these great stocking stuffers for your favorite globetrotter, they can also make perfect and unexpected presents for anyone who has a big trip coming up, or a newbie traveler.

The Gift for Everywoman: Miniemergency For Her


This amazing little kit is actually quite universal, and would make a perfect addition to ANY woman’s stocking, not just the traveling woman. It comes in a variety of shades, and all contain very important necessities like stain remover, deodorant wipes and tampons.

Stay Healthy: The Sky Ready Germ Kit


Especially fitting for the flight attendant in your life, or the germaphobic neighbor.

For the Pearly Whites: Slim Sonic Toohbrush


Dragging around my electric toothbrush is a pain! This one comes in its own case and in many colors!

The Catch and Carry-all: Baggu Tote


One staple in my case is a flexible tote bag I can stash in my purse, and use it when I go out and about shopping and sightseeing. A must-have!

Making Sound Waves: iHome Capsule Speaker


This speaker is cute and compact – taking up very little space but packing a loud noise!

Pack a Punch: Stuff Pouch


If there’s anything that’s essential when traveling it’s pouches! I love using pouches to store several alike items, like chargers, or medications. Check out the variety cool designs for these pouches.

Identify Me: Passport and Tag Set


I LOVE this Japan inspired print passport cover and luggage tag! While I prefer to buy colorful luggage to differentiate mine from everyone else’s, a decorative tag is a necessity for those typical black suitcases that blends into the crowd.

Plug-In All Over The World: 4-1 Adapter


I cry a little inside whenever I find out I’ve forgotten my worldly adapter! This one is color coded based on the region of use for ease!

Hope these help you fill stockings this year! Stay tuned for part 2, the awesome cool gifts!

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  1. I think that’s where I got my eye mask from. It’s the weird bubble one you have pictured but mine has a pretty green print. I can’t sleep with regular eye masks because I don’t like feeling of them against my face. The bubble ones are awesome because you can open your eyes under them except they look like a bra on your face when you wear them. Lol.

    • I used to not be able to sleep with them either, but when they become imperative to your rest, you get used to it! But I can’t sleep with anything over my nose, so eyemask is a must when the lights are on.

    • Thanks! The adaptor I have was purchased on a whim on one of my layovers and it’s a typical one, so I sometimes still get confused! I would have bought this color coded one if I had seen it first!

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