Great Gifts for the Traveler You Love Part 2: Goodies Under The Tree


‘Tis the season! Welcome to Part 2 of my traveler’s gift giving guide! Part 1 highlights great stocking stuffers from the awesome travel site, Flight001. In Part 2, I’ll share awesome presents from all over the web for the globetrotter in your life!

Scratch Off World Map – Urban Outfitters



This is actually one of the first things I bought when I started my job as cabin crew, and it currently hangs in my living room, with colorful locations shining through! It’s much more fun to scratch off your destinations rather than mark them with pushpins!


Canon Powershot SX260 HS –


My many photographer friends swear by Canon, and I personally own a Canon Powershot SX230 HS that I absolutely LOVE! It’s a great camera for people who love to take photos but don’t quite want/need/know how to use a DSLR. This camera offers an amazing 20x optical zoom without the chunky lens, as well as high-def video. One of the coolest functions of this camera? It includes a built-in GPS to mark your photos, just in case you happen to forget where in the world you’ve been!


Rolling Duffle Bag –




One thing I always have when I travel as a passenger is an extra bag, which is usually in the form of a small duffle bag that I can carry over my shoulder should I end up doing a little too much shopping. But I am tiny so a small bag is all my little stature can hold! This duffle has wheels but is still compact enough to fit in a large suitcase and can be used it needed. I love the feminine print of it, but be sure to find something a bit more manly if your gift receiver is male.. try this..


20″ Hideo Smart Trolley – Flight001



An awesome male equivalent to the collapsible duffle bag for those travelers who always need a bit of flexibility!


Sony Noise Canceling Earphones – Amazon



I ALWAYS bring my own headphones onto the plane. Not only because I hate the idea of using a headset that a million other people have used before (I know they are cleaned, but still!) but the economy headsets are always uncomfortable and inefficient. I personally prefer to use earbuds because my ears eventually feel the pain of being pressed against, but if you or your traveler prefers headphones, try these..


Sony Noise Canceling Headphones – Amazon



Noise cancellation is so vital to your airplane experience! Whether it be your own playlist or the inflight movie, the worst thing that can interrupt that enjoyment is the ear shattering screams of the baby sitting 2 rows away.

Sony USB Portable Power Supply –




Quite possibly one of the best inventions ever (well, aside from smartphones!). I always keep my portable power supply with me while out in the city on layovers or when I might end up in situations without an outlet. This little guy has two USB outputs and can charge two devices at once. Who doesn’t hate trying to hunt down outlets at the airport, or is forced to sit on the cold, hard floor while you use your phone as it’s charging?


Skagen Dual Time Watch Amazon



I love the simplistic design of this watch, and that both clocks fit within one standard watch face. I’m personally not a fan of the extra large or stretched faces to house both clocks, so this one does it seamlessly. A dual time watch is ideal for those that travel a lot and often -i.e. flight attendants – because constantly changing your single clock watch can get very confusing. I think have like 4 watches that are currently not on Dubai time! Someone want to get me this one for Christmas? 🙂 Check here for more dual time watches.


I hope that this gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for whatever the occasion for  the globalista that gifts themselves the ability to see the world!

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