Coasting Casablanca

Our transportation.. I think this came from the 80's...

Our transportation.. I think this came from the 80’s…

I’ve just come back from Casablanca last week, and we hired a driver to take us around the city.It’s a top spot for many crew to purchase the ever popular argan oil – which is great to use for skin and hair, but tends to be fairly expensive. I like to use it as a moisterizer myself.  Many crew boast about the hammam – Moroccan bath, but I just have a weird thing against people bathing me.. so I opted for a tour of the city instead. Unfortunately, the timing and length of the flight left all the crew very exhausted, so after arriving at the hotel in the early afternoon, we agreed to take the tour but wanted to be back for an early night in bed, so we didn’t want to spend too much time out and about.

I made a friend!

Our first stop was to the city’s famous Hassan II Grande Mosque. While it is the only mosque that allows non-Muslim visitors, we opted not to enter, and just enjoy the beautiful and traditionally Moroccan architecture from outside.




Next stop, our driver took us to what seemed like a boardwalk (unfortunately, he didn’t speak any English, but we hired him through our crew transportation guy). It was unexpectedly windy and chilly, so we didn’t stay too long.



Our last stop before dinner was a little market for some shopping. I absolutely love Moroccan style lamps and decorations, and always manage to find some sort of bauble to give as a gift. The beautiful hanging candle holders and colorful perfume bottles are my favorites to give to family and friends.



Our final stop on the tour was dinner at a traditional Moroccan restaurant, Le Fleurs. The signature dish of Morocco is lamb tangine – a dish cooked in rich juices in a clay pot. I’d had tangine on a previous trip to Casablanca but was very disappointed – however it was from a small time cafe, so the quality probably wasn’t their main goal. This time, with suggestions from fellow crew, I ordered the lamb tangine with prunes, almonds and boiled eggs with a side of couscous – and, oh my god, it was delicious!


While lamb is recognized as the typical tangine, it can also be made with other meats and a variety of sides, like vegetables. We also savored a pot of yummy local Moroccan tea.


Hopefully on my next trip to Casablanca, I’ll have my rest and energy better prepared and can spend more time exploring this beautiful city. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

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