Vibrant Venice


My first visit to beautiful Venice, Italy was back in August. The weather was perfect for sightseeing and exploring the city. We promptly hopped on a shuttle fro our hotel into the city, found a water taxi and traveled down to the San Marco Palace. The boatride alone just down the main canal to San Marco plaza was filled with interesting sights – which I’m sure is just another day for the local Venetians.

We eventually approached and crossed under the famous and stunning Rialto Bridge.

We docked off and took a short walk to the San Marco Palace plaza.

And took in the surroundings while we wandered aimlessly through the alleys of Venice. I could have spent all day just darting around and admiring all the buildings and shop windows.


We stopped off for lunch, and of course, I need pizza and a glass of wine.

Diavola... YUM!

Diavola… YUM!

I also absolutely love how dog-friendly Venice is.. and how friendly all the dogs are!

Buongiorno.. arf arf!

Buongiorno.. arf arf!

Although I was tired from the flight, we spent all afternoon on foot and took a late bus back to the hotel. Venice is extremely beautiful, and completely unique with its waterways replacing roads. I hope to be able to come back and spend more time exploring fascinating Venice.



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