Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail


I grew up in a desert, so wrapping up for the cold is definitely not my forte. I mix and match different colors and patterns and I think I always end up looking homeless. But nonetheless, I layered up and plopped a grey hat on my head and stepped out of the hotel with my fellow crew, Danielle. Both of us are terrible with directions but we were in luck – the Christmas markets were just a straight shot down the street from our hotel in Hamburg. Within minutes, we could already see a lit and decorated tree sat right in the middle of a small lake. We stopped to check out the mini Christmas market housed in white tents at the end of that lake, but on our way back we stumbled upon a much cozier looking market just off the street, hiding within the buildings.

The smell of sizzling pork and beef product in the form of sausages wafted towards us as we approached in awe – evergreen surrounded every hut and engulfed you in the Christmas spirit. We stumbled upon one of the most amazing shops – tiny, intricately carved figurines in such scenes like a choir singing in a church, with patrons positioned just so as to instill a conversation or an event, and even the stable with a tiny baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, including Three Wise Men who appeared to be holding a tiny, indistinguishable gifts.

We ventured over to the bar hut, and ordered a glass of mulled wine (or as the Germans call it, gluvine). They served it up in a frosted souviner glass, and the steam from the wine warmed my nose as I took a sip. The sweet red wine with hints of orange and spices was the perfect mixture to put me in the Christmas mood. We made sure to drink it quickly as the cold air would soon cool the wine, which was no difficult task.


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