Changes to Jessy’s Journeys


I used to love writing – I wrote creatively when I was in high school and started studying broadcast journalism just before I left for Dubai. Prior to leaving, I was writing in a local community newspaper and doing blogs, reviews and coverage for a geek website. While I don’t think I’m an amazing writer, I know I at least have a knack for writing, and can find it easier than most when it comes to writing. The main reason I started Jessy’s Journeys is an obvious one – to share my travels in my miraculous new job. But I didn’t start it until over a year after landing into Dubai on a New Year’s Resolution, and we all know how long those last. I posted very rarely, and when I did, they were usually big posts containing lots of pictures about one layover (as you can see, I still have those big layover posts and are still the majority of my posts).

It took me a long time to get my blog rolling – posts were usually months apart, and I still have several layovers and photos from trips I have yet to post. I was never big on reading blogs, but in the past several months, I have started to follow more and more blogs and try to keep up with them. It also helps me stay active and inspire me in my own blog, too.

For some reason, I used to think a blog post had to be a giant, spectacular event that involved loads of pictures and information. But after following a few blogs (especially those like mine, related to travel) I started to see how some that post frequently with shorter posts was also beneficial. So you might notice I’ve been trying to be more active on my blog and include more content (while still related to traveling) than just giant trip posts. While I’m not sure that journalism is actually what I want to continue in life, I hope this helps me get into a habit of writing and getting my creative juices flowing again!

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