Reflections of 2013


Of course it’s that time of the year when everyone posts their reflections of the past year. I was almost not going to do it since I’m going through some personal issues right now, but then I thought that perhaps it will help me a bit. I’m currently in Singapore on my sad, little, beat up HP netbook with a terrible connection so this post will be minimal.

In 2012 I had no idea what 2013 had help for me. In March of 2012, I had lost the most important person in my life – my mother, and I more or less coasted the rest of the year emotionally just trying to survive. My 2012 New Year’s resolution of starting this blog (and keeping it) had failed pretty miserably as I went months without updating. Alan and I had been together about 6 months by the time January 2013 rolled around, and we had already been talking about marriage. I had surprised myself that I was able to love, and Alan surprised me by being completely supportive and has stood by it since day one. Having found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with was definitely the biggest event in my life in 2013, but there were also many other ups and downs, good and bad surprises, many personal that I choose not the share on this blog.

But 2013 also saw some great new destinations – boating down the Mekong River in Vietnam, riding ferries in the canals of Venice and seeing the Rialto Bridge and San Marco Plaza, sailing around the southern coast of Turkey in probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had the luck to have in my life. I also introduced Alan to my hometown and the amazing west coast United States, and of course, introduced him to my family to get their blessing for us to marry. It also brought me back to the Grand Canyon after about 25 years (it’s still as incredible as ever) and my first Las Vegas show, Absinthe, at the Caesar’s Palace.

My first Las Vegas show.. of course I get pulled up onstage.

My first Las Vegas show.. of course I get pulled up onstage.

And seeing THIS guy at the Grand Canyon.. well, it just made the trip even better.

And seeing THIS guy at the Grand Canyon.. well, it just made the trip even better.

Of course, I cannot forget the biggest event of my life so far, and not just in 2013: turning the big THREE OH. I may not have done everything I have wanted to do before 30, and I may not be exactly where I want to be, but turning 30, to me, is just the beginning – I have some new goals in me and Alan’s life and a whole lot more of the world to see. Plus, I get to start 2014 off from out of this world…

Probably the best gift I have ever received.. hope I don't pee my pants...

Probably the best gift I have ever received.. hope I don’t pee my pants…

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, even though I still make them. All I want to say is that I am going to try to keep discovering life and the world, and just try to keep a positive view to overcome challenges life is going to hand me. And maybe.. start yoga! I’ll be spending New Year’s in Melbourne, Australia, with my second cousins in a fun Hawaiian themed family party!

Overall, 2013 has been a unique adventure in itself and I wouldn’t have changed any of it. I’m ready and excited for 2014, and can’t wait to own the world…

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  2. Jess, watching you experience the world has been an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to do it when I was a child, but I know I could of enjoyed it more as an adult. You have come a LONG way from the little desert in AZ. I am SOOOO happy you met someone who appreciates you and loves YOU! I can’t wait to see your adventures for 2014! (You know I have to live vicariously through you now, since I’m a stay at home mom now! LOL)

    • Thanks, Jen! I think I’m making up for my childhood when I SHOULD have been traveling everywhere because my dad was in the Air Force, but my older brother threw a fit and didn’t want to move anymore (he is 10 years older than me and was living the typical military kid lifestyle of moving around often), so when we landed in Phoenix, that was it! I never lived anywhere else! But I am glad to see the world now, and that other people enjoy my travels too 🙂

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