New Addition to Our Family


I admit it – I’m a dog person through and through. I wrote about my dog back in the USA, who is now a part of my aunt’s loving family in Texas. But in my last apartment, my housemate had a lovely cat she rescued off the street, so I was missing a bit of furry companionship in our new apartment. Dubai is known for having numerous stray cats – in fact, its a common and sad fact that many expats will take a pet, only to leave them behind when they depart back to their home countries. Some at least have the courage to ask a rescue group for help, but others leave the sad and helpless animals on the streets.

Being cabin crew, I did have some “requirements” for our future family members – it sounds strange, but sleep is so important to me, and in my last apartment, the cat, albeit lovely, was very noisy and needy and constantly meowed at our bedroom doors. So I thought I could adopt an adult or young adult cat, and could ask their foster parents for a cat that’s personality fit our lifestyle.

I contacted a rescue group called The Bin Kitty Collective, a group of volunteers to save and rehome cats found on the street. I have also inquired with Feline Friends and Friends of Animals, just a few of the animal rescue groups who tirelessly give their time to save these poor animals’ lives. If you are an animal lover, please help them out by donating to their cause and their rising vet bills, or if you are in Dubai and looking for a furry friend, please please please don’t buy from pet shops – many of these beautiful creatures are in desperate need of homes!

We found Lynx, a small cat who was saved from the Dubai Municipality on the way to euthanization. At first meeting she was scared, but the foster mother thinks it’s due to the new fosters she’d just taken in and of course, two new guests. We decided to take her on a trial, and immediately she warmed up, sitting by us for forever strokes and eating loads! While I wish she was more of a lapcat, she is still a sweetie pie and I am hoping she will become more social and comfortable as time goes on. Right now, if we aren’t giving her immediate attention, she spends her time under the bed, but we have been very happy to have her in our little home.

She hasn't posed for me properly yet so this pic is from her foster mother.

She hasn’t posed for me properly yet so this pic is from her foster mother.

Lynx looks to be a full breed Arabian Mau.

Lynx looks to be a full breed Arabian Mau.

I can haz sleeps on warm lappy?

I can haz sleeps on warm lappy?

She's a computer nerd...

She’s a computer nerd…

Keep an eye out for more pics of Lynx!

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