Sunny Singapore


Singapore is a great Asian country – clean, cultural, and great people. I would say that the only downside to Singapore is that it is very, very expensive, and I seem to forget that every time I visit because I always venture out to go shopping only to be reminded that everything is overpriced.

Nonetheless, there is loads to do in Singapore – on my first visit, which was a multi-sector trip to Singapore, then Melbourne, and back, I was fairly new, so I went out with a few of the crew to check out some local architecture and then Sentosa Island, an island just off the main city filled with tons of activities, beaches, and even a Universal Studios theme park. We thought about going to Universal, but decided to check out what other things Sentosa Island had to offer.

Views from the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel:


Infinity pool

Infinity pool

We first hit the small beach for a stroll when we entered Sentosa.


Peek a boo!

Peek a boo!


The island itself was filled with cute oddities and decorations.


The famous Singapore Merlion

The famous Singapore Merlion

Inside the Merlion.. raaawwrr..

Inside the Merlion.. raaawwrr..

View of the park from the Merlion

View of the park from the Merlion


And of course, every Asian tourist spot isn’t complete without a snake:


We paid a visit to the butterfly house..




And some other animals as well..


There were gardens around the island, filled with beautiful, vibrant flowers and vegetation.



When we were finally exhausted on our day long excursion, we took a short train ride back to the hotel.

Trendy train station

Trendy train station


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