Home Sweet Home 2014


The last time I was home in Phoenix, Arizona, was way back in November of last year. Unfortunately, the trip home takes nearly 20 hours (16 hours alone from Dubai to Los Angeles, and then hop on another plane to Phoenix), so going home for less than a week is senseless. I had family visit me in April, and again Alan’s brother in May, so a lot of my leave time was devoted to that. Since the last time I was in Phoenix, I had only started the wedding planning, so I had a lot to get done on this trip, especially since I wasn’t going to be back until about a week before the wedding in May. I dragged Alan back with me, and we did lots of usual wedding stuff – re-visiting the venue and setting up the layout, meeting the caterer, shopping for DIY supplies (I’m DIYing a lot which is difficult because I’m so far away!), and lots of other things!

The venue is the Commemorative Air Force Museum, and I won’t show any more pics because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!! But I will share some of my DIY projects. I had a craft night with my sister and some friends, so I put them to work!

Check out this post for my wedding DIY progress! (coming soon!)

Once all the important stuff was complete, we were sure to add in some fun things too:


Go karts with the kids!


Archery 101 class with friends and family! Thanks for a Groupon and Archery HQ Academy in Chandler!


A night out at (new to me) club in Scottsdale, Bottled Blonde! Even splurged on a table…



We toured GoDaddy.com’s newest facility in Chandler, where my cousin works. They have shuffleboard, mini golf, ping pong tables, beach cruisers, climbing wall, peddle cars and lots of cool nooks and chat spots for productivity. Pretty sweet! Check out the slide!

On the way out, we stopped off in LA for a few days to visit some friends, and of course, go back to Disneyland! It was all decked out for Halloween, my second favorite holiday (my first being Christmas).


I refused to wait in line to get a pic with Jack-O-Mickey so we just stole a shot!

It was overall a really great and productive visit home, and as always, I was very upset to leave. Even Alan wanted to stay! To make the departure even better, Alan and I scored a whole row to sleep on the long flight home, as well as free wifi onboard due to the Islamic holiday! A few days off and back to work soon!


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