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The 30 Year Jump: SkyDive Dubai


As some of you may remember, when I turned 30 in December 2013 (which means I’m about to be 32.. EEP!!) Alan amazingly gifted me with a SkyDive Dubai voucher. In return, I promised to gift him the same and that we would do our jumps together. Due to our severely conflicting schedules and one cancelled jump due to weather, we finally made the jump in April of this year, just one month after Alan turned 30 in March.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a thrill seeker, but I am an adventure-ish type and do like to try new things. This was definitely unlike anything I have tried in my life! Many people have been talking about it throughout my 5 years in Dubai, and I was finally going to make the jump (pun intended!). I was actually sick with a stomach bug just the day before, but I woke up feeling well – I just didn’t eat anything before the jump!

At a steep 1999AED (about $544USD), its definitely not cheap, but I can tell you, that if you’re like me and will probably only do it once in your life, doing it in Dubai is the way to go. The jump is only allowed during certain times of the year, and is done over the Palm Jumeira – the man made peninsula shaped like a palm tree. The price includes professional photos and a nicely (although full of stock footage) edited video documenting your harrowing but life-changing experience!

I guess at this point I should just shut up and show you the pics!


This was by far one of the most amazing experiences I got to share with Alan. I can tell you that it was an odd feeling for me – as I work on airplanes and am 35,000 feet in the air for more than half the month, it was strange that I was actually going to jump out of the plane. I wasn’t really nervous at all.. in the beginning.


This is my jump instructor, and me looking a bit unsure! Take off was great, climbing was fine, it wasn’t until that roll up door opened and the chilly air from 6000 feet high rushed in. Immediately, I’m thinking, “WTFFFFFFF!”


At this point, I literally screamed “FUCK NOOOOOOO!” as he shoved me out of the plane!




The G-force was incredibly strong, and air was cold, so my weak little arms couldn’t hold out for long. In addition, I was wearing contact lenses so my eye mask was strapped on extra tight.

The 10 second freefall was definitely the scariest moments of the jump itself – when you watch the video, you can see that we actually flipped upside down when exiting the plane, so to see the glorious blue sky – land – blue sky – land – was a bit trippy! But after the parachute is pulled, the view of the world is breathtaking – almost surreal – that the fear escapes you and all you can do is absorb the beauty experience into your entire soul.


Alan took both our videos and combined them into one – the original video contains short interviews and since I wasn’t feeling great I looked a bit stupid! But take a look at our video below!